OMG, Another Article on little (BIG) ole me!

Super excited to have woken up this morning to an email of an article done on me in Rebellious Magazine. It's a great piece too. I read it and felt bursts of excitement flowing through my body. Not only was it well written but it's a message I have been dying to express. 

A year and a half ago I went on this journey of mindfulness, well I'd been traveling on it for a while, but in this case, I decided to take it seriously for once. As of today, I am happy to admit I have been meditating for 420 days straight and even started an evening routine that I've also been doing daily for little over a month. I can't tell you what it's done for my life and my moods, especially my moods. Well, I guess I am telling you...

As someone who recently walked away from anti-depressants cold turkey, I was afraid I'd slip back into the depression that was paralyzing me for so long, but nope I'm three months off and feeling better than I've ever felt. 

I somewhat attribute this to mindfulness, as well as establishing a routine and a fallback plan for my not so good days, but all in all, I can say it's helped me truly know myself and appreciate who I am even if it doesn't look how those who have known me best, expect it to look. That was a tough pill to swallow. Trying to remain who people knew me to be while trying to reach the optimal level of happiness I sought.

Not possible! So I just decided to make myself happy. It's fun discovering new things I enjoy and doing things I've never done or been willing to try. I like who I am, who I was, and who I am becoming. They are all great versions of me serving a time suited at that moment. Change is necessary, and life expansion is my daily goal.  

Some doctors have called this bi-polar. I call it growth.

So bam doc, fuck yo thoughts! 

Peace and Love <3 


Oh and don't forget to click the link to the's goooood!!! :-) 

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