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OMG, Another Article on little (BIG) ole me!  

Super excited to have woken up this morning to an email of an article done on me in Rebellious Magazine. It's a great piece too. I read it and felt bursts of excitement flowing through my body. Not only was it well written but it's a message I have been dying to express. 

A year and a half ago I went on this journey of mindfulness, well I'd been traveling on it for a while, but in this case, I decided to take it seriously for once. As of today, I am happy to admit I have been meditating for 420 days…

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Oh wee, they wrote about ME!!! 

This week I am featured in the Chicago Reader in their FALL PREVIEW section. Aside from the fact that I didn't say the thing about the siblings...seeing that I didn't live with my siblings until I was 10 years old; it's a pretty good read.

I've come to accept the long haul of this industry and every little bit counts, so thank you CHICAGO READER, for exposing me to your readers. I truly appreciate it.

Peace and Love <3