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A letter to say GOODBYE!

Thank you for your visit but it’s time for you to go.

You’ve given me joy some days and a hopeful essence; but on many occasions, I don’t know how I managed to be in your presence.

Yes, you took care of me; gave me money and opportunities too. You told me to rest and I tried like hell!

-but my mind was dark and untamed like a restless child drowning at the bottom of a well.

I wanted us to work out desperately…I mean, at the beginning you made me feel invincible;

-but as our union progressed, my hope slowly dwindled;

I started to feel invisible.

So I retreated— as I should’ve done upon our initial meet—and started to dig deeper into me, to see why this felt so wrong, curious as to why we couldn’t be.

We couldn’t seem to figure it all out. And this enraged me, forced me to shout.

Not outwardly…but in, at the parts of me I can no longer depend.

My family, though not blood —you killed in the streets and this is not new, yet this time around it escalated my weeps. I felt so terribly blue.

And though not much has changed since we first started this dance. I’ve somehow manage to see hope again;

-even at just a glance.

So farewell to you I say, and thank you cause you taught me so much. The magnitude in which I’ve grown will forever remain robust.

And NO! I don’t know what tomorrow will bring; cause life in many ways can be funny;

-but for you and I, the road ends here…Farewell wild winds…2020!



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01 ene 2021

Happy New Year Kellz 💰💰💰

Me gusta
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