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Because...Well, life!

Welcome to my blog….

I’ve tried very hard for at least two decades to FIT in. With peers, colleagues, even my own family…reality is, I’m a voicetress black female Air Force Veteran—surprisingly, introverted— stand-up comedian from Harvey Illinois married to an Asian man with two daughters in college —WTF? Yes! College! And that’s just a taste of my vastness. There’s no box wide enough and I've exhausted myself looking for one.

So think of this as more so a public diary if you will, ugh, so cliche. Gotta start somewhere though, right?

I’ve tried blogging in the past. Back then I was still hiding behind what I thought I should be versus who I’d actually become, therefore tailoring my writing to an “assumed” audience.

I assumed where I’d come from—Harvey—and my perceived image of myself—ghetto— was how the world would categorize me. I assumed they would discredit my ideas and emotions because well I was nothing but a black girl from the hood; and who cares about her voice? Can we all agree that black women voices, regardless of how loud we scream often falls deaf on the majority of ears? More stories about this in future blogs.

Today, I laughingly say “assumed” because truth is I can never truly know who’s interested in my writings or my stand-up comedy, or my podcast or anything else, hell what I’m interested in changes with the seasons or sometimes more frequently. I’ve loved things and people, then got bored with it or them and moved on, and maybe even circled back to try it all over again… it’s called life!

We are an ever evolving, ever changing species, therefore the only thing I can promise you’ll find in these writing is ME!!!

The expectations I have is to be as present and as authentic as I have the capacity to be in each and every post. That’s it…that’s all. Creating more space and energy to be truly free.

Some may say, why not do that privately Kellye? Why a blog?

Well, cause I’ve always been this way since I can remember. I LOVE telling stories. I LOVE thinking about the details. I LOVE yanking out the core lessons of a fucked moment that were not clear while in the midst of it. I like to get deep; admittedly as a comedian I’ve felt restricted to being deepish yet funny in a digestible way for a mass audience, and that makes me cringe even though I’m fully aware these are my own insecure perspectives.

I’m an introspective person and I know that many parts of me are not satisfied with my comedic approach to deeper shit. Hence my pitting desire to blog.

Conclusion is, I don’t fit in a box—none of us do; though some of us look as though we do, we don’t. This blog isn’t about a specific topic or niche. I have a life that I’m currently living that is ever changing. I have stories, and experiences; joy and grief, among other ideas, emotions, and opinions. And I want to share most of it with YOU in this lifetime…So hop on this train, that may very well wreck but at least I know you'll be here cheering me on. :)

Oh and one other thing, I will try my best to post weekly. This may not happen or maybe it will…guess we’ll all be surprised. One thing’s for sure whatever this becomes I will be okay with it. Because, well…life!

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